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Dr. Stephanie Cluver

I was drawn to Chiropractic with a strong desire to not only help people get well but stay well through natural means. I could see that even with the introduction of more medication and medical technology that people were sicker than ever before. I knew that there was a time for medical intervention; I just didn’t see that it should be the first line of defense in many cases.

 I am blessed to live in my hometown of Clinton, IL with my wonderful husband Rennie, and our two beautiful children, Brooks and Lilah. I am my happiest spending time with them and enjoying the outside.

Obviously, with health being my career, I feel strongly that it carries over into mine and my family’s lives. We are all under regular Chiropractic Wellness care and my children were both adjusted after only a few short hours of “outside of the womb” life to ensure proper nervous system function. I know that since they have experienced Chiropractic their entire lives that they are healthier as a result. Not only do we make sure that they are adjusted, but that they are eating well and thinking well too.

Enough about me! Now we can begin to help you begin a healthier life with Chiropractic care? I am here to answer any questions you may have… all you have to do is ask me!